Words Well Spoken

Words Well Spoken

I was having lunch at a well-known chicken restaurant today. This establishment is noted for its warm atmosphere that makes everyone feel special when they come in. This establishment has come under fire for its stance on moral issues. This establishment has a man who serves people in the way making sure their drinks are filled and needs are met. 

The man stopped to chat with two customers in the booth in front of me. He asked how they were doing and inquired about a cast that was on one of the lady’s leg. Then he said something that blessed me. He said; “I speak healing on your knee in Jesus’ name.”

This is something you don’t hear too often. In fact, many believe don’t believe Jesus is healing people in this day. This man recognizes the power of divine healing and also the power of the spoken word. I’m sure the lady will experience something divine during the healing of her leg. Why? Because Jesus still heals and delivers, and there is life and death in the power of the tongue.

Proverbs 18:21 | Psalm 107:20

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