Wisdom Isn’t for the Foolish

Wisdom Isn’t for the Foolish

This is an excerpt from a message I gave at Macon RYDC a few years ago.

We all need wisdom. Even those who consider themselves wise can use more wisdom. As you go back into the community, you are going to need some more wisdom. You’ve gained wisdom from being detained for the offense you committed. Now it’s up to you to take that wisdom and apply it toward  constructive activities to better yourselves. I want to share this story with you:

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, But fools despise wisdom and instruction. – Proverbs 1:7

I was driving my nieces to school one morning. I was talking to them about listening to wisdom and advising them to not shut adults out when they are telling them things that will help them. While I talked to them, the Lord blessed me with this ¹parable to share with them by giving me this thought:

A young man we’ll name Johnny Young used to wear dark clothing, all black, most of the time. Johnny Young would walk along a dark highway on the west side of Macon at night quite a bit. An adult we’ll name Mr. Jay was travelling on that same highway one night when he had to swerve to keep from hitting Johnny Young. He didn’t see him because he was wearing his usual dark clothing and almost hit him with his Jeep. Mr. Jay recognized Johnny Young because of his dark clothing and decided to speak with Johnny the next time he saw him.

One day Mr. Jay saw Johnny Young at a store near the highway he almost hit Johnny. Mr. Jay approached Johnny and told him he almost hit him the other night. Mr. Jay gave Johnny some advice and told him he should wear lighter clothing or a reflector on his clothes when he walks on a dark highway. Johnny told Mr. Jay he liked to wear dark clothing and didn’t see anything wrong with it. When Mr. Jay tried to tell Johnny how important this issue was, Johnny told Mr. Jay he should mind his own business because he was going to keep on being himself.

One morning, not too long after their conversation, Mr. Jay was reading Macon’s newspaper when he saw an article about a man being killed on the same highway he almost ran into Johnny Young on. The newspaper read; “A man identified as Johnny Young was killed as he walked along a Macon highway. The driver didn’t see the victim because of poor lighting conditions and the victim was wearing black clothing.”

In this parable, Mr. Jay represents a vessel being used by God to speak wise instruction. Johnny Young represents someone needing the wisdom God sent, but he was foolish when he rejected sound advice from Mr. Jay. The death of Johnny represents the results of what happens when we reject wisdom and instruction.

When someone rejects wisdom, it results in spiritual death and many times, physical death. We are fools when we won’t listen to instructions given by God and the people he uses to carry His wisdom. Seek wisdom, especially from experienced men and women God has placed in your life.

¹ A story told using an example of what’s around to make the listener or student understand the point better. 

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