Watching My Little Girl Grow

Watching My Little Girl Grow

Proverbs 22:6 – Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.

I watch her trying to fit in. I watch her try to look like everybody else, talk like everyone else does and be what she thinks everybody else wants her to be. She stays up late at night fidgeting with her hair. She’s late coming downstairs so I can take her to school because she wants everything to be just right. What she doesn’t know is she doesn’t have to go through all of this because she’s already what God made her be, a beautiful soul.

It’s hard watching her go through these changes. I’ve tried to correct her, even scolded her, but frustration arises in on both of us. So I decided to step back and let her find out for herself that she doesn’t have to do all of what she does to be beautiful and accepted.

I watch her make mistake after mistake but as long as it won’t hurt her too much, I let what I see coming happen because I know experience is the best teacher. I will get in her if I see disaster coming because I love her.

I have to watch her like this boy or that boy who isn’t interested in her best interest. I have to watch her try and trick my wife and me by sneaking behind our back to fit in with the crowd she’s chosen to hang out with. I have to watch her get her feelings hurt often when she is rejected or finds out “they weren’t really her friends after all.

So I teach her the word of God, even though she may not listen. I stress the importance of remaining right in what she does and remaining pure until she is blessed with a husband that is interested in her best interest. I know the words of God won’t return to Him without results, so I plug her into Him every chance I get. She may not react right away, but I know The Lord’s words will accomplish what it was meant to accomplish.

It’s hard. But I remember the words of my God, pray and be there to help her pick up the pieces if she falls because I know when the time comes she’ll remember what is written and come back to the source that will make everything alright…Jesus. He will always be interested in her best interest.

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  1. Its so very hard for a father to watch the process of his daughter growing up. Can you imagine how her mother must be feeling. Keep her covered in the blood, let go and let God.

    1. Thank you Sister Blanton. You are so right. A total dependence on God for everything will give us victory over everything we face.

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