Staying Alert

Staying Alert

What a difference a day can make. We don’t wake up with plans to hurt someone, or at least we shouldn’t. There may be times when we don’t react the way we should when we deal with temptations. And perhaps, through spontaneous reaction, we wind up reacting in a way that takes out of the will of God.

Remember the devil’s job is to get us to walk contrary to God, so He’ll walk contrary to us (Leviticus 26). The devil knows if he can just get us away from the hedge God has placed around us he has us right where he wants us. And that’s wide open for his attacks (Job 1:9-11)

Go through your day with this in mind and stay alert to Satan’s tactics and devises. If there is an issue with anger, the devil is coming with something he knows will set you off. If there is an issue with a desire for riches and material possessions, perhaps the devil will tempt you to cheat, lie, steal or disregard other people’s well-being. He is crafty at taking whatever we lust after to use it to lure us to destruction (James 1:14).

Stay in the will of God, stay alert and God will take care of you.


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  1. Amen my brother.

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