Kill the Root

Kill the Root

nor give place to the devil. – Ephesians 4:27

The only way to stop weeds from growing is to pull them up by the root.

We have been given an area to take care of. The Lord designated these areas in our homes, schools, churches, jobs, communities and last but certainly not least, our hearts.

Take for instance a dandelion. As long as the yellow flower is there, it’s pleasing to the eye and we tend not to pluck it up. We’ve been deceived into thinking it’s a harmless flower. But a few weeks later, we look at our yard, and what do you know? We have a yard full of them and they’re choking out our grass.

These dandelions represent the result of sin. It’s presented to us in a way that we admire its beauty and think it’s okay for it to occupy the spaces the Lord has given to us to take care of. We accept it and let it have it’s space. Our lawns are the areas we are charged with taking care of and because we allowed the dandelion (sin) to take root and multiply, now our lawns have become a space of useless weeds, choking out the purpose God intended for it to have, a space occupied with sin.

We know sin separates us from God so what do we do? Pull the dandelions up by the root, before it spreads to occupy our space. Don’t give it any place in your life, not for one minute. Doing so will increase useful results and growth in your assigned area.

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