Getting the Best from Being Repulsive

Getting the Best from Being Repulsive
Blessed are you when they revile and persecute you, and say all kinds of evil against you falsely for My sake. – Matthew 5:11

On occasions, I am isolated by people on my job, church and yes, even people in my family. I don’t participate in conversations or any other activities that would displease God. Before I repented and surrendered myself to God, I was a part of all those things. Eleven years ago, I made a decision to please God and walk away from sin. Many of the people I once knew have turned away from me. It’s not because I am overbearing with my faith, I think it’s because my faith in Jesus makes them uncomfortable. Jesus said that He causes variances between people who might otherwise be close and agreeable on everything (Matthew 10:35) because of His teachings vs the teachings of the world.

In many cases anyone who believes and has unwavering faith in the God are seen as repulsive, nobody wants to associate with us because we are against what is unrighteous in the eyes of God.

I’ve been insulted and lied on by people who I thought were close to my heart. Some of those people are in my own family. Some of those people I have helped feed and clothe. But I take it all in stride because I believe in everything I’ve read and heard about Jesus and His teachings. As long as the insults, lies and persecution come because of my faith in God, then I know I will be blessed beyond measure.

I will continue to let His light shine and lift Him before everyone I come in contact with. Hopefully, they’ll want to know more so I can share His awesomeness with someone so they can be blessed too. I don’t mean to be repulsive, but then that’s the world’s opinion of me, not God’s.

Lord. I pray for the strength for everyone who is persecuted, lied on, ridiculed, insulted and even physically attacked, and killed. I pray you equip us to endure the current and future persecution we must endure to glorify our Father in heaven – Amen.

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