First Things First

First Things First

But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.– Matthew 6:33

Back in 2014, the year I was saved and delivered out of a life of sin, this was one of my favorite verses. These words of Jesus shined the light on just how out of order my life was. It lit up my error of thinking; “I did it my way.” I realized I needed to put God first in my life!

We all have plans for one thing or another. But are we trusting God to be at the head of that plan? What if God steers us in another direction, toward another goal? Or. What if God steers us in another direction toward our goal? Do we trust Him enough to let Him have a say-so in our plans?

God knows what we need, and He also knows what we don’t need (Matthew 6:8)

Many times we go after things that we think we need and want, only to find out either we didn’t need it, or it cost us more that what it’s worth in the long run. Like. One time, I wanted a car so bad (I think the salesman knew it too), I quickly signed my name on the dotted line. It was nice being seen in it, but those car notes were a killer. When God blesses us with something, it doesn’t bring stress or hardship on us (Proverbs 10:22).

We should always know that God knew us before we were formed in the womb (Isaiah 44:24). We need to remember He knows what’s best for us, at all times. So knowing He has our best interest in mind, we should put first things first, and that’s God! Don’t do like I used to do. Strike out on something without consulting God first. I have learned to ask Him about it first, and then trust Him to lead me through it. I’ve also learned you can’t go wrong doing it this way.

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