Fear Not!

Fear Not!

You must not fear them, for the Lord your God Himself fights for you. – Deuteronomy 3:22

Today is Monday. The start of a workweek for most. The start of a week of studies for some. And a start of a week of challenges for all. I want to encourage all of you to not be afraid and fear those challenges. Walk toward them with confidence and boldness, knowing God has promised to fight for you. If you’re facing cancer and chemo treatments, God will fight the weakness for you. If you’re facing addictions, believe that God is going to fight for you. If you’re facing a failing marriage, trust in God to heal you and your spouse’s heart. If you’re facing oppression, persecution, unemployment, homelessness, unfair treatment or whatever it is, stand strong and stand still. Don’t be afraid because God is with you!!!

All you have to do is let Him have control of your problems. Don’t do what I used to do. Let the Lord have some of my problems while holding on to the ones I thought I could handle. God wants it all. Your whole heart and your problems.

Lord, I pray you will fight for us today. I pray you will give us the courage to trust you and not be afraid of the challenges we will face today. In Jesus’ name. – Amen.

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