Faith-Trusting the Unseen

Faith-Trusting the Unseen

Have you ever looked at the cables of an elevator before you got on it to ride up or down to the floor you need to get to? Or, how often do you check the legs on a chair to make sure it will hold you up while you sat on it? One more. When you turn a door knob, do you expect the door to open?

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. – Hebrews 11:1

I’m quite sure the answers to these questions are no. Or if you did check, you didn’t do it often.

Faith is much like trusting elevator cables, chair legs and door knobs to function like they are designed to function. We can’t see elevator cables, but we expect them to hold us up while we’re on an elevator. You can’t see them, but you rely on them.

We can’t see God, but there is evidence that should give us faith in Him. We can’t touch Him, but there are things that may have happened in your life or the life of someone else that lets you know He is real and exists.

We trust in things we cannot see almost on a daily basis. And we don’t question those unseen things. Nobody gets out of their car or interrupts their walk to look under a bridge to make sure it’ll hold us up. We drive or walk across with confidence. So while we’re on this journey of life, let’s make sure we trust God who is unseen, like we trust the apparatuses of man.

I plan on writing a series on faith as the Lord gives to me to give to you. I hope you come back and read them.

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