Does Social Media Care About Your Children?

Does Social Media Care About Your Children?
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It was a normal day, or at least what I call a normal day. I was winding down my day at the office when I decided to scan Facebook pages to see what some young people I mentor was up to. And right at the top of one young man’s page was vivid pornographic pictures and videos. I couldn’t believe my eyes! I clicked those three little dots on the right top side of the page, under the cover photo. Then I clicked the report button. I was directed to another form and I clicked, “Report this profile.” And from a list I selected “They’re sharing inappropriate or offensive posts.” Surely, I thought, they would contact him and check him on the content of his page. Oh. By the way, he’s just 15 years old.

Later that evening, I received a notification from the powers that be at Facebook. I was surprised, but then thinking of the condition of this world I shouldn’t have been, when I read Facebook didn’t find the content inappropriate.


Well. I bandaged my feelings and moved on. But I woke up this morning with righteous indignation (anger) and started typing this post. I find it very difficult to accept the fact that a big social media provider like Facebook didn’t think hardcore pornography wasn’t inappropriate on a 15-year-old boy’s page! But as I said earlier, it shouldn’t be so alarming since the prince of this world has a lot of things set up to cause the downfall and destruction of many people, trying to destroy God’s most loved creation, us.

Pornogrpahy addiction ranks high with other addictions. Here are some stats from

  • 40 million adults in the U.S. visit internet pornography sites on a regular basis.
  • 1 in 5 internet searches on a mobile device are for pornography.
  • Men who are happily married are 61% less likely to look at porn.
  • 20% of men admit to viewing pornography at work.
  • 88% of porn scenes contain physical aggression. 49% contain verbal aggression.

Here are some stats concerning teens I obtained from Covenant

  • 9 out of 10 boys and 6 out of 10 girls are exposed to pornography online before the age of 18.
  • The first exposure to pornography among boys is 12 years old, on average.
  • 83% of boys and 57% of girls are exposed to group sex online.
  • 69% of boys and 55% of girls are exposed to same-sex intercourse online.
  • 32% of boys and 18% of girls are exposed to bestiality online.
  • 15% of boys and 9% of girls have seen child pornography online.
  • 71% of teens have done something to hide their online activity from their parents.
  • 28% of 16-17-year-olds have unintentionally been exposed to pornography online.
  • 20% of 16-year-olds and 30% of 17-year-olds have received a sext.
  • 39% of boys and 23% of girls have seen sexual bondage online.

This is just a thumbnail representation of the devastation pornography addiction causes. Sex is used to sell maerchandise such as clothing, perfumes, cars and so forth. It is also one of Satan’s tools to get at and destroy our upcoming young people. I don’t know what to say about Facebook, saving this question: “When does the protection of our children become more important than the right to express oneself?

People we need to pray and cover our children because they have to be in this world, but that don’t mean they have to be a part of this world (John 17:14-15).

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  1. Keep praying! God knows and is watching. Trust and believe God will fix it all. God bless you!

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