Blessed! The Meek? Blessed? How?

Blessed! The Meek? Blessed? How?

Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth. – Matthew 5:5

What? You mean those meek, humble, always quiet and forever praying and fasting people are going to inherit the earth one day? But I was always taught in order to have anything, you had to be tenacious, ferocious, and willing to step on other people to be successful. So what you’re telling me is people we see as weak and feeble are going to be the ones owning everything one day?

Well, something like that. Jesus’ teachings have always contradicted the ways of man and the prince of this world. Isn’t that the reason the religious leaders were angry enough at Jesus to devise a plot to kill him? In this verse, Jesus is saying the meek, not the strong, the meek, not the shrewd, the meek, not the man or woman with the plan, would wind up being successful in the end.

What is meek? According to a dictionary, it’s defined as quiet, gentle, and easily imposed on; submissive. Another definition I found is:

An attitude of humility toward God and gentleness toward people, springing from a recognition that God is in control. (Matthew 5:3).

Being meek may be seen as being weak. There is a difference. Weakness is born out of negative circumstances. Meekness is a product of a person’s conscious choice. Look at it this way:


Examining these attributes and comparing them to Jesus, we will find that He was all of these and more. He had enough strength to defeat His adversaries with just His words (John 18:5-7). He had enough courage to carry out His Father’s mission of saving our souls, knowing the pain and suffering He would endure (Luke 22:41-43). He exhibited control when He allowed Himself to be brutally tortured so we can have eternal life (Matthew 27:28-30). His kindness is unmatched as He didn’t allow 5,000 people to go hungry (Mark 6:37-44).

Jesus is our example of being meek. He gave unselfishly all that He had and that was His blood and His life. And He promised to come back for us someday if we do what He has commanded.

Jesus. You came and died so that we may have eternal life. And within your ministry on earth, you gave us countless examples of how we should conduct ourselves as your disciples. I thank you for the ultimate price you paid. I thank you for your willingness to remain meek and lowly to save our souls. – Amen

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